-You can now prepay for membership dues, a Link will be set up on the website and Facebook pages.


-Memberships Dues must be paid by the End of the first tournament.

Membership Dues Are $60 Per Boat
Membership Dues  Must Be Paid By The End of the First Tournament

Membership Dues can be paid online or at any of the Rockbass Tournaments
Regular Season Tournament Fee's Are $80 Per Boat For Club Members
Regular Season Tournament Fee's Are $100 For Non-Club Members
$10.00 Is Taken From Your Entry Fee And Put Towards The Lunker Pot Which Is 100% Pay Back
These Pay Out's Are For 30 Teams Or Less. 31 Teams And Up The Percentages Change.
First Is 50% Of The Pot
Second Is 25% Of The Pot
Third Is 15% Of The Pot

7% is also taken out and put towards AOY
The Remainder The Club Takes And Puts Towards The Classic Which Is Only For Club Members.